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Welcome to Robusto

Sep 08, 2009 00:00 AM


Robusto: dj. in poker, the opposite of busto


Being busto is the same as losing your bankroll, or as a professional player, being down so much you have to do something silly like getting a job again.

Robusto on the other hand is being very successful at the game, making a nice or great income from it, and some famous examples are people like Aeron Jones, Brian Townsend, Cole South and many others who succeeded at making so much money by playing poker that money is no longer a concern to them.

However, I disagree with the definition of robusto since it's a terminology based on interpretation and relevance. Those poker players I mentioned earlier are very rich by western standards, but even the word ‘rich’ is hard to define. 

You can be rich with little money if you love the way you live your life. Having a great family and having an income you can get around with can make you feel rich as well and some people can even live a rich life while being very poor. Having a Bentley on the other hand, well, that’s great if you love cars perhaps.

I want to be robusto in the way I interpret the word, which is being rich in the quality of your life and getting what you want. And I think I found a way to achieve that, and fast.

For instance, I am not that materialistic. If my TV stopped working today I would not notice it for a few months probably, I do not have/want a car because I don’t need one. If I look at materialistic needs I have I need a good computer (have one), and a decent roof over my head (have one) and I am a bit of an audiophile, so I ‘need’ a good audio device, but those can be replaced by good headphones as well.  

Yet when looking at things I want I could mention many things. I like to live comfortably. I like to have nice people living around me. I’d like a nice climate, preferably a nice tropical beach.

Now before you say something like “Well, doesn’t everyone want that?” my answer to you would be in the form of another question: "If you want to have that too, then why don't you get it?".

Let’s now get to the goal of creating this blog. I already have a poker blog at Cardrunners (blogs.cardrunners.com/soultwister) which is about the technical side of poker. This blog however will be a mix between other factors of my life and experiences I can share with other people who want to accomplish being robusto themselves.

There are places however where life is cheap compared to western standards, the climate is great, where there is a tropical beach and most of those are found in different parts of the world, like Asia for instance. I’d like to share my experiences while traveling around myself while looking for a place to eventually settle. Both because I like to write, and because of getting a lot of inspiration from other people who shared their experiences while traveling to Asia or other parts of the world.

One example would be the blog at hobotraveler.com, which I think is an amazing source of information yet not structured. I don’t care since I have the time to read all his entries, but my intention is to share my experiences as he did in a more structured way.

In short, this news section will be my life blog, and hopefully a very informative source of information both to people who just want to travel around and could use some advice, or people who want to achieve the same thing as I do.